Servicing Mount Dandenong

Our Holistic Audiology hearing clinic is located just 23 minutes away from beautiful Mount Dandenong. We are at the Mountain Gate Shopping Centre, Shop 12/1880 Ferntree Gully Road, Ferntree Gully. Hearing clinic appointments are available Monday-Saturday, with evening options. We warmly welcome all clients from Mount Dandenong.

Holistic Audiology specialises in Hearing Health, focussing on hearing loss prevention, management and hearing rehabilitation. The clinic provides audiology services for children from 3 years and adults. The clinic offers hearing health assessments (incl. Vic Police and employment tests), earwax removal, auditory processing assessments and therapy, tinnitus assessment and therapy, educational counselling, aural rehabilitation, hearing aid advice and device fittings. Hearing aids and assistive listening devices are only prescribed when medically indicated, and after any underlying medical conditions have been investigated and treated.

Holistic Audiology is accredited to provide government funded services to eligible pensioners and veterans, TAC motorists, Worksafe/Workcare workers, self-managed NDIS participants, and private clients. HICAPS is available for applicable private health claims and Medicare rebates. As of 1st March 2023, a Medicare rebate for audiology services is available with a GP referral or under a Chronic Disease Management Plan.

We look forward to seeing you at Holistic Audiology. If the type of appointment you require is not listed, please contact the clinic to book.

Our Services

Hearing Test & Assessment

Unsure if you have any hearing or listening problems? Try our thorough hearing test and holistic assessment.

Hearing Aids

Saying 'Pardon?' Missing out on conversations? Improve your communication with affordable hearing aid technology.

Ear Wax Removal

Earwax build up? Let’s unblock your ears with professional ear wax cleaning.

Tinnitus Assessment & Treatment

Distressing noises? Let's help you understand, manage and 'treat' your tinnitus.

Auditory Processing Assessment & Treatment

Let's improve your listening and understanding (APD) skills. For adults and children.

Aural Rehabilitation

Hearing but don't understand? Let's optimise your daily hearing and communication abilities.

Book Today For Better Hearing Health

Experience a difference at Holistic Audiology in Ferntree Gully.

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