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With over 25 years experience, Holistic Audiology’s comprehensive hearing test and audiological assessment not only assesses your hearing levels and the extent of any hearing loss; it also incorporates evaluating the health of your ear canals, ear drum, middle ear function, how well your hearing system can understand the sounds heard, and if there are other medical indicators to be aware of.  

Hearing is one of our vital senses that lets us be connected and engaged with the world around us. It is often taken for granted and ignored. Hearing can deteriorate gradually over time, so it can be difficult to detect its change. As one’s hearing changes, communication begins to be more difficult or strained. Affected individuals may be misjudged as being disinterested and rude to others, when they are not aware that they have been spoken to; queer or inappropriate, because they respond incorrectly as they misheard; or even slow-witted, as they spend a lot of mental energy and effort to work out what had been said, and are delayed in responding. Hearing loss is an ‘invisible impairment’, and can often be misunderstood.

Your ear and hearing health needs to be protected and any changes appropriately managed. There are many common health conditions associated with acquired hearing loss; such as, diabetes, heart disease, smoking, hypertension, kidney disease, thyroid disease and others.

As independent audiologists, Holistic Audiology conducts comprehensive hearing test and audiological assessments before making any recommendations of further referrals to other specialists or prescribing treatments, such as hearing devices, communication training or counselling. Be aware that free assessments offered by other clinics are not necessarily equivalent to a clinical assessment of auditory function.

At Holistic Audiology, we offer a range of hearing and communication assessments, including:

      • Government funded comprehensive hearing assessment for pensioners and veterans.*
      • Paediatric Hearing Assessments (3 years and older)
      • Auditory Processing Assessment (specialised)
      • Tinnitus Assessment (specialised)
      • Employment Hearing Test
      • Victoria Police Assessment
      • TAC Hearing Assessment
      • Worksafe Hearing Assessment
      • DVA Assessment
      • Hearing Assessment for private clients (private health claiming available and Medicare rebates apply with GP/specialist referral).

Following the comprehensive objective and subjective assessments, and taking into consideration your specific hearing needs and communication goals, together we devise the most suitable solution for your best hearing outcomes. This individualised ‘Hearing and Communication Improvement Plan’ may incorporate hearing education, listening training, aural rehabilitation (AR), use of hearing aid technology (such as hearing aids, assistive listening devices, hearables, smart phone apps) and/or counselling as appropriate for you.

Start looking after your hearing now and book your assessment online today. Or feel free to contact us to make a booking. We look forward to seeing you.

Clients experience a difference at Holistic Audiology - providers of comprehensive, holistic hearing test and assessments.
Our clients deserve our holistic hearing care. Experience a difference at Holistic Audiology with our comprehensive hearing test and audiological assessment.

* Eligibility applies. Please contact the clinic to check your eligibility.

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Experience a difference at Holistic Audiology in Ferntree Gully.

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