Optimising Your Hearing Abilities With Leading Hearing Aid Technology

Holistic Audiology offers world leading, top hearing aids at affordable prices. We are a completely independent audiology clinic, which means we’ll always offer you the right advice and choice.

Our audiology care is guided by best practice, focusing on medical and psychosocial impacts of ear and hearing related health issues. Hearing aids are medical devices, and are only recommended if it is a necessary part of providing you with optimal communication, ear and hearing health. This can only be achieved through comprehensive hearing assessments, incorporating the appropriate subjective and objective tests. 

At Holistic Audiology, following the comprehensive assessment, and taking into consideration your specific hearing needs and communication goals, together we devise the most suitable solution for your best hearing outcomes. Your individualised ‘Hearing and Communication Improvement Plan’ may incorporate hearing education, listening training, aural rehabilitation (AR), use of hearing aid technology (such as hearing aids, assistive listening devices, hearables, smart phone apps) and/or counselling as appropriate for you.

As independent hearing professionals, our ethical, professional and friendly advice and recommendations are tailored to your needs and concerns. Contact Holistic Audiology for your ear and hearing welfare needs.

We fit popular leading brands:

Holistic Audiology is a preferred partner of Signia
Holistic Audiology Preferred Partner of Phonak

And we also work with many major leading brands, including:

Holistic Audiology is a partner of Unitron
Hearing Audiology and Starkey Hearing Technologies
Holistic Audiology is a partner of Oticon
Holistic Audiology is a leading fitter of GN Resound hearing aids.
Holistic Audiology is a leading fitter of Beltone Hearing Aids

Guide to hearing technology

Hearing aids come equipped with specific capabilities and features. The useful Guide to Hearing Technology from the Department of Health and Aged Care, provides information on hearing aids and their common features. It helps you understand the common words manufacturers use to describe these features. Holistic Audiology, in partnership with you, will find a hearing aid that aligns with your personal needs.

About you

A vital person in this hearing journey is you, the client. Your openness and willingness to embark on something new, unfamiliar and possibly uncomfortable, alongside your motivation for hearing success is paramount to the success your hearing journey. The therapeutic relationship between you, the client and us, the audiological hearing professional is based on mutual trust and respect, and protected by ethical guidelines. Hearing Better Together at Holistic Audiology.

We Offer Peace of Mind!

Hearing aids purchased through Holistic Audiology are offered a complimentary 14-day insurance against loss, accidental damage and theft. Allowing you to enjoy the new world of hearing without worry.

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