Signia Pure Charge&Go IX

Unleash the power of conversation

Every word said, every laugh shared, and every story told enhances all life’s essential moments. That is the Signia Pure Charge&Go IX experience.

This is much more than just about hearing sounds better. It is about following and understanding conversations, giving you the confidence to engage, interact, and contribute, especially in noisy group conversations. It’s time to stop observing from the sidelines, instead dive into the conversation!

Like life, conversations are dynamic

With ‘RealTime Conversation Enhancement’ technology facilitated by Signia’s new Integrated Experience (IX) platform, users are able to follow conversations with multiple speakers amongst background noise. The technology affords users the ability to engage in the dynamic flow of conversations via: (i) carefully analysing 19200 datapoints per second, (ii) augment the speakers voices by accurately locking on to the multiple speakers and highlighting their speech, and (iii) adapting to the conversation as it shifts and moves by adjusting 1000 times per second.

With RealTime Conversation Enhancement, 95% of wearers showed improved perfomance in group conversations1.

This new Integrated Experience platform ensures that speech is prominent whilst having the environment still feel dynamic and immersive.

Signia IX Integrated Experience Hearing Aids

Discover the freedom of effortless conversations with choice of style to suit your lifestyle and needs.

Pure Charge&Go IX

These small and sleek RIC rechargeable devices have ample power. The standard version providing up to 24 hours of use and the slightly larger telecoil version providing a phenomenal 36 hours of batter life on a single charge. For those who travel, the portable charger holds up to 3 full charges from those times when you are off the grid (or there’s a power outage).

These progressive devices have also been developed to be forward compatible with the upcoming connectivity advancements of Bluetooth Audio and Auracast.

Silk Charge&Go IX

Silk is the world’s only CIC with Binaural OneMic Directionality for enhanced focus in noise, and is also now rechargeable. It comes with a pocket-sized integrated power bank providing up to four additional charges, for charging on the go. You can also control it via the phone app.

Following speech with multiple talkers in background noise has never been easier. Book your appointment today.

Signia IX Integrated Experience

Discover the Signia Charge&Go IX - the freedom of effortless conversations with choice of style to suit your lifestyle and needs, at Holistic Audiology.

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