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  • Medical referrals are not required to access audiology services.
  • Only some audiology service components are eligible for Medicare rebates and Private health insurance claims. Medicare rebates can only be claimed under a valid medical referral.
  • From March 1, 2023, Medicare will offer rebates for hearing tests upon referral from a general medical practitioner (GP).  A medical referral deemed necessary from a GP, ENT surgeon or neurologist needs to state the type of service required and the reason for the request.  Any applicable rebate amount is determined by Medicare and your Medicare Safety Net.
  • Clients with a Chronic Management Plan for audiology services issued by a GP addressed to Holistic Audiology are entitled to a Medicare rebate of $56.00 per appointment (capped at the specified number of allowed appointments on their plan). 
  • Medicare rebates (with valid medical referral) apply only to services rendered by registered audiologists.
  • Please note: A valid referral MUST be presented prior to or at the time of the appointment to claim any Medicare rebates that may apply.  Backdated referrals are illegal and carry serious penalties to all practitioners involved under the provisions of the Commonwealth Health Insurance Act, and will not be accepted post appointment.  Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.
  • A variety of services are available.  Please contact the clinic for service costs and inclusions.
  • Depending on the presenting symptoms and issues, non-standard consultations are tailored to address your individual concerns.
  • Eligible pensioners and DVA clients are entitled to access government-funded services under the Hearing Services Program.  Please contact the clinic to check your eligibility.
  • It’s fairly common practice for hearing aid clinics to offer free hearing tests to determine if you are a hearing aid candidate. Free tests are generally screenings in nature.
  • Free hearing tests are not comparable to comprehensive audiological assessments.
  • Holistic Audiology assessments focus on medical and functional aspects of hearing (detection of sounds) and listening (processing of sounds), offering advice on prevention, maintenance, management and remediation for optimal ear and hearing health.
  • Assessments can be conducted any time of the day.  For optimal results, it is advisable to schedule your appointment when you are well-rested and alert.  This is particularly important with children.  Paediatric appointments are best after your child has a sleep or nap, and ideally not at the end of a tiring school day or kinder session.
  • If you work in noisy industries, please ensure that you are not exposed to loud sounds for 16 hours prior to your appointment.  Exposure to loud noises can temporarily reduce the acuity of your hearing and skew the results.
  • Audiologists are tertiary qualified professionals having undertaken post-graduate studies, with a minimum of 5 years of study, followed by a 1-year clinical internship.  Audiometrists obtain TAFE certification in one year.
  • Audiologists have a much wider scope of medical practice and are trained to assess and address other ear-related issues, besides hearing aid dispensing.  Audiometrists are trained to conduct standard hearing tests (audiometry) and dispense hearing aids.
  • Audiologists are accredited to work independently within the private and public sectors.  Audiometrists providing public services, e.g. under the government-funded Hearing Services Program work under the supervision of Audiologists; however, can work independently in the private sector.
  • Audiologists and audiometrists have the same scope of practice in hearing aid clinics; whereas, Audiology clinics can offer holistic medical hearing care beyond hearing aids.

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